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God's Design for Chemistry and Ecology (Student Textbook)

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  • God's Design for Chemistry and Ecology (Student Textbook)
  • God's Design for Chemistry and Ecology (Student Textbook)



Teach students about the wonders of God's creation, including ecosystems, atom & molecules and the properties of matter, with Master Books' science curriculum for grades 3-8.

God's Design for Chemistry & Ecology covers the intricacies of chemistry through lessons on the states of matter, the scientific method, the plants and animals who live in 16 different ecosystems, and the structures of atoms and molecules. This enjoyable curriculum features full-color photos, "fun fact" sidebars, helpful charts & illustrations, and more.

Students read the lesson, do an activity, complete "What did we Learn?" questions, and assess understanding by answering "Taking it Further" questions; students in grades 6-8 have an additional challenge section. Special features are integrated throughout.

Unit quizzes, a final project, and a final exam are given in the God's Design for Chemistry and Ecology Tecaher Guide (sold-separately).

300 pages with glossary and index, softcover. Grades 3-8. 4th Edition (Master Books printing). NKJV Scripture used.

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